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All orders will be shipped out from Monday to Saturday only.

Item will be ship out same day, purchase before 2pm.

Order after 2pm will be deliver next day.FLAT RATE SHIPPING on all items

Semenanjung Malaysia - RM8 J&T

Sabah / Sarawak - RM15 J&T

Semenanjung Malaysia - RM9 NINJA VAN

Sabah / Sarawak - RM20 NINJA VAN

We cant guarantee the exact arrival date and time of your package as this will be handled by the third party

(courier service : J&T and NINJAVAN).

Trace & Track your order here : 


Risk of Loss and Damage.

The items purchased through the Service are shipped by a third party carrier pursuant to a shipment contract, as a result, risk of loss and damage title for such items pass to you upon delivery will not be responsible by us.

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