Q : Sis bagi Complete set ke? Paperbag? Box? Dustbag? Gift Receipt?

A : Kebanyakkan item kami dari OUTLET dan bukan dari BOUTIQUE, Item Outlet memang ada paperbag cuma kami Bulk Buyer jadi paperbag adalah limited.

A : Jika ada item tertera “Boutique Tranfer” maksudnya item tu datang dari BOUTIQUE ke OUTLET jadi item tu akan dapat Paperbag, Dustbag, Box (Tak Semua Item), Gift Receipt (Tak Semua Item)

Q : Sis jual ori ke fake?

A : Kami adalah Personal Shopper & Kami shopping dari Webite dan registered Physical Outlet Stores di USA. 

A : 100% Authentic item Only.

A : Anyone can say this but for you to buy with us with confidence, follow our activities and then follow your guts. 

Q : Sis Shopping Outlet Mana?

A : Mix of all premium outlets in USA.

A : Sometimes we shop in New Jersey, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania too. 

Q : Sis ada beri gift receipt?

A : Sorry, we don’t. / Maaf tapi tiada.

A : Kami tidak minta gift receipts dari store bila beli barang.

A : We can if we want but we don’t wanna give customer gift receipts to protect many people.

Q : Kalau Sis tak beri gift receipt maksudnya item Sis jual fake ke?

A : With or without gift receipt is not how you determine product authenticity.

A : Ada yang texted me, they beli dari orang lain. They showed us gift receipts they received with their orders but the gift receipts were printed by the sellers.

A : They were scammed. Barang fake, gift receipt pun fake. 

Q : Mcm mana nak tau seller jual fake or jual original?

A : Do your research guys.

A : Follow their activities closely. Most scammers; they will steal videos/photos from others (the real ones) to show konon they’re real.

A : But actually they’re not. Best is you beli from someone dah biasa beli/shop online.

A : If you’re first timer nak shop from personal shopper, check their activities. 

Q : Macam mana nak identify seller jual fake or original?

A : Rajin2 kan diri masuk dan lihat item2 di BOUTIQUE atau OUTLET di malaysia 😘. 

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